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  • 1. Service provided includes standard & national voice calls to any mobile or landline, standard SMS and SMS alerts, MMS and Voicemail, international calls, GPRS,123 and 1223 directory assistance numbers, subject to E.Tel’s Fair Use Policy.
  • 2. Other conditions apply to IDD and GPRS.
  • 3. International Roaming service is not provided without special arrangement with E.Tel.
  • 4. Any credit purchased is not refundable nor transferable after activation.
  • 5. There is no expiry date of the credit amount in your auto-pay account. However, to keep your account activated at all times, do not leave your account inactive for more than 12 months, which will lead to disconnection. In the occurrence of such a disconnection, a $25 account recovery fee will apply and the previous mobile number may not be re-used.
  • 6. E.Tel will make every endeavour to notify the customer to recharge when your credit expires or upon reaching your credit limit. E.Tel may increase your account credit limit depending on your credibility history and will not suspend your call immediately.
  • 7. If your account payment is not via credit card or savings bank account auto-recharge, a minimum $10 must remain in your account at any time to avoid suspension.
  • 8. Due to the nature of this prepay billing account, there may be more than 2 days delay in retrieving call data from our network provider. Even if you run out of credit, you are responsible to pay for all usage of your account, including delayed transaction items.
  • 9. Your service will be suspended if your auto-pay account reaches your credit limit, or if we suspect that there is extraordinary usage that may incur bad debt.
  • 10. We reserve the right to cancel any premium text service on your behalf if you have not contacted us previously and explicitly stated that you would like the service.
  • 11. If the service stays suspended for 6 months and you have not contacted us for unsuspension, it will be terminated automatically.
  • 12. Please visit for your calling details and latest credit balance.
  • 13. A $0.98 monthly account maintenance fee applies to no-expiry accounts. You may choose to have 150 day expiry period to avoid the maintenance fee (auto-recharge required).
  • 14. A replacement fee of $25 applies when requesting a new SIM card under all circumstances.
  • 15. All prices listed are GST inclusive and are subject to change.
  • 16. E.Tel reserves the right to terminate the service in suspected cases of misuse or abuse, and also the right to deny service to those with suspicious or unreliable credit histories. Please refer to our Fair Use Policy on
  • 17. We may send free news and notifications via SMS from time to time, if you would not like to receive these messages please contact us.
  • 18. E.Tel assures the accuracy of information revealed in this brochure at the time of printing.
  • 19. This plan is subject to modification, withdrawal or supplement if necessary.
  • 20. Please regularly visit our website for up-to-date call rates, terms, conditions and relevant amendments, or call 1300 383 588.

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By signing and submitting this form I agree my application for the Service(s) are subject to its full service terms and conditions, which I have read and understood, and is legally bound from the date I submit this form. I declare that the information I have given on this form is true and correct. I also give E.Tel my consent to obtain and use credit information for the agreed service payment/s. I am (or in the case that I'm signing on behalf of a company, the company is) bound by the terms and conditions and responsible for (as principal) all amounts that become due in relation to this account including delayed transaction service items.

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