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Plan Details
Plan Flexi Data $20/$50 Autopay $20/$50
Recommended for Data users Call users
Data $0.02/MB $0.05/MB
Calls to e.mobile Free Free
Standard national call $0.10/30sec $0.06/30sec
Calls to 13, 18 numbers $0.10/30sec $0.06/30sec
Voicemail $0.10/30sec $0.06/30sec
Flagfall $0.29 $0.29
2-min standard national call $0.69 $0.53
National SMS $0.18
(up to 160 characters)
(up to 160 characters)
Special international calls/30sec* $0.10 $0.06
Account service fee $0.98/month $0.98/month
Expiry date none none
International call special destinations

China(+M), Hong Kong(+M), Taiwan(+M), Malaysia(+M), Singapore(+M), South Korea(+M), U.S.A(+M), Japan, America(+M), Canada(+M), New Zealand, U.K, France, Germany, Greece, Italy

Unless specified (+M), calls to mobile are not included. $0.29 connection fee applies to each call.
  1. Services are subject to our Fair Use Policy, E.mobile reserves the right to deny service to those who mis-use the services.
  2. Internet data is charged per MB increments. Due to the nature of this prepaid credit billing type, there maybe delays in retrieving call data from our network provider of 24 hours or more.
  3. Please refer to the special Terms and Conditions of these plans.
    Critical Information Summary
聯絡我們 Contact Us

Australian Head Office(Sydney)


1300 383 588


Level 5, 728 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia


How long it takes to receive my new SIM when I complete online application?
It normally takes 1-2 working days after all your information have been fully confirmed.
How do I activate my SIM card?
Once you receive your new SIM, please call us on 1300 383 588, we will activate your SIM within 1-2 working hours.
How can I port my number from another company to e.Mobile?
Please choose to use your existing number and specifying your number, we will contact you for furthur information we require to port your number over. It normally take 1-2 working days, if all your information is correct.Please replace your new SIM when your old card with no signal.
What the minimum cost of recharge?
Our minimum recharge face value is $20. There is no maximum recharge amount. You can choose our auto-recharge service via direct debit from your bank account or credit card; or you can purchase voucher from anyone of our dealer shops; or you can go online to recharge.
Auto-recharge service, how does it work?
You can apply for automatic recharge. When using automatic recharge, once the create in your account drops lower than $5, our system will recharge $20 or $50 for you automatically. If you would like to cease the service, you can call us at any time.
What should I do if there is no internet data service?
We suggest you to restart your handset or re-insert your SIM and turn on your handset again. If it is still not working, please call our customer service on 1300 383 588 or email us on info@etel.com.au
How do I replace my SIM card if I lost my SIM or need to change new SIM size?
Please go to our authorised dealer or contact us for the SIM replacement request. There is a SIM replacement handling fee at $25 for any circumstances.
Can I get refund for the un-used credit after using the service? How to cancel the service?
Once your recharge amount has been activated, any unused credit of the recharge cannot be refunded. Because it is a "no expiry day service, we suggest that you do not need to terminate your service.
What should I do if I want to change my between auto-recharge and manual recharge payment methods?
Please go online www.etel.com.au/account, click "change payment" and follow the instructions. Please be reminded that if your recharging by bank account, there is a dishonour fee of $10 to be paid to E.Tel if your bank account cannot be charged successfully Please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account.
Will my service be suspended if the auto-recharge failed?
We will contact you at our best to find and alternative solution. If you cannot be reached after several tries, we will suspend your account and wait for your further instruction.
Can I port my number away upon cancellation?
It is free for you to port your number away to any other service provider. However, we will be sad to see you go. Please send us an email if you choose to port away your service number and we will assist you with the process.
Are there any special settings required when using internet data service?
Normally you do not need to set any special settings. Only for few handset models require you set set your APN manually.
How do I activate Voicemail for my service?
Dial 121 and follow the voice instructions to activate your voice mail for your service.
How to cancel my voice mail?
Simply dial ##002#